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Ready or not, the world is changing

Don’t be alarmed, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The whole world is drowning in an avalanche of unsettling news with the coronavirus pandemic.  You wake up in the morning and you scroll down your social media feed: you see sad news, scary news, it’s going to be ok news, then more sad news. You wonder to yourself; how did it happen? Why did this happen?  Will my family be ok? Will I still have my job? How is my business ever going to survive this?  We hear you, it’s not easy, it’s worrisome and painful to observe.

During a time like this, you wonder, how come I am not prepared. I could have plan B, but I don’t. Why I don’t I have plan B? At that moment, you commit within you, that next time you will be ready, you will have what it takes to protect yourself, your family and your loved ones. You take on the responsibility to always have plan B because the world is changing, but guess what you will be prepared for it. 

How to have plan B:

  • Stay Calm. Inner Peace equals clarity. Anxiety and fear tend to cloud our thinking and we lose the focus.
  • Get Organized.  What do you need to have to protect yourself, you family and your loved ones? Write a list of things, categorize priority list, emergency list, must haves list, secondary needs. Understand that each human has basic needs: health, shelter, food and water, safety. The troubles usually start when the basic needs are not met.
  • Do your research.  Don’t underestimate the power of research. When you have a good knowledge of the subject you tend to make quick-witted decisions.

The world is changing every day, the good news, this critical situation always gives us different perspectives and opportunities to access our next steps. So go on my friends in this everchanging world and find your ninja within. A warrior power that will carry you on throughout difficult times.

1 thoughts on “Ready or not, the world is changing

  1. Treddie says:

    Yep, do your research.. And realise this “pandemic” was planned way in advance. If you get your news from the main stream media, you don’t really know much truth about the situation at all.

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