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Zombie Apocalypse Preparation, Survival, and Flourish – Prepping for the Undead [Infographic]


A virus, dark magic, or a government projects gone wrong – something is causing the dead to come back to life and they’re hungry! Society has collapsed and humanity is forced to rethink its position on the food chain. For research purposes, follow up on The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and World War Z (the book!).

Zombie Uprising Survival Infographic


Prepare for the Zombie Uprising

1 – 5 Years Before Disaster

1 – Are you comfortable with weapons? Now is the time to start thinking about shelter defense, ammo, etc.

2 – Take a self-defense class or learn a hand-to-hand martial art. What happens if a zombie grabs you? You’ll need sharp instincts to rely on and a healthy knowledge of your body’s response capabilities.

3 – Watch the news, read the paper, and stay connected. The earlier you recognize the beginning of an outbreak, the better your chances will be. It’s important to rely on multiple sources, too – we all know how mainstream media is biased, so keep an eye on lesser known publishers and remain skeptical.

4 – Prepare a stash of basic necessities with long shelf life: food, clean water, medicine, a bicycle, tools, etc. Consider a long term food storage system and/or a pre-packaged survival kit.

5 – Learn how to grow food. You dont need to become a farmer or grow potatoes in Mars, but knowing how to keep a few seeds alive will go a long way.

Survive the Zombie Horde

Your Fist Week

1 – Get out of the city. Stay silent and draw as little attention as possible.

2 – Get an edge over the undead. Are they fast moving? Can they climb? Do they like water? Prepare a safe hideaway.

For Your First Month

3 – Once your emergency kit starts running out, you’ll be forced to scavenge. Get ahead of this by starting your own garden.

4 – Keep building and maintaining your home base / shelter. Set up alarm systems and keep watch.

Flourish Amongst the Undead

1 – 5 Years After the Apocalypse

1 – After a month or so, group dynamics will become a major concern. Make sure everyone has a role and understands it. Negotiate personal conflicts early and set up a chain of leadership succession that everyone agrees on.

2 – Build up stockpiles to get through poor growth years and disasters.

3 – Eventually the zombies will rot away. After that begins the arduous task of rebuilding society. Prepare for the day when zombies are no longer your biggest threat – you’ll also have human raiders to deal with.

More Extreme Prepping To Come

This is the first of many installments of our Extreme Prepping Series, keep an eye on our Twitter and Google+ feeds so you dont miss the next one! Feel free to leave your suggestions for our next installment in the comments section. Stay ready, Ninja!

This infographic was created by the clever folks at Target Sports USA

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