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Ecological Disaster Emergency Preparation, Survival, and Flourish [Infographic]


Rising temperatures, whether through human activities or not, cause the poles to melt and the seasons to go haywire. Maybe there’s a new ice age, maybe the continents are flooded. Either way, life is never the same again. Ninja preppers might want to watch / read Hothouse, Waterworld, and Flood for interesting examples.

Ecological Disaster Preparedness Infographic


Prepare for the Meltdown

1 – 5 Years Before Disaster

1 – Learn how to sail, learn survival techniques, and get experience hiking and surviving in extremely low temperatures.

2 – Move inland – don’t plan on living anywhere that is likely to be flooded. That eliminates West and East coast arguments – the place to be is in the heart of the country.

3 – The melting ice caps will make this a slow apocalypse. Stay connected with the news (but rely on multiple sources, as there aren’t unbiased agencies out there) and with government organizations.

4 – Prepare an emergency stash of basic necessities with long shelf life, preferably in water-proof containers: food, clean water, medicine, a bicycle, tools, etc. Consider a long term food storage system and/or a pre-packaged survival kit.

Survive the Weather Disaster

Your Fist Week

1 – The first difficulty will be weaning yourself of your old lifestyle

2 – Prices will begin to skyrocket. Invest in long term physical assets.

3 – Gather your family – the elderly and the very young will be particularly vulnerable to societal changes in the future.

For Your First Month

4 – As everything becomes more expensive, infrastructure will suffer. Carry emergency supplies with you wherever you travel.

5 – Weather-proof your shelther. If an ice age is coming, you’ll want to be well insulated. If the planet is flooding, you’ll want to be floating or elevated enough to last.

Flourish In the new Extreme Climate

1 – 5 Years After the Apocalypse

1 – If you are to become self-sustaining, you’ll need to know what grows best in this new climate.

2 – If the globe is flooded and you take to the seas, you may be able to make a living as a merchant.

Extreme Disaster Prepping Series

Last week we published the 1st installment of this series with a Zombie Apocalypse Preparation and Survival guide. This is the 2nd of many installments of our Extreme Prepping Series, keep an eye on our Twitter and Google+ feeds so you dont miss the next one! Feel free to leave your suggestions for our next installment in the comments section.

Stay ready, Ninjas!

This infographic was created by the clever folks at Target Sports USA

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