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How To Prepare for a Nuclear War Fallout, Survive it, and Flourish After [Infographic]


A Cold War nightmare comes true and the greatest powers in the world go to war with one another. As the war escalates, devastating weapons, including nuclear bombs, begin to be used. A slippery slope leads to a world in ruin – the war is over, and nobody has won. Aside from real-word examples currently growing around Syria, Iran, Turkey, Palestine, and most of the Middle East, Ninja preppers might want to watch (or play) the Fallout Series, Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), and Metro 2033 (2005).

Emergency Preparedness for Nuclear War Disaster Infographic


War Precautions & Preparations

1 – 5 Years Before Disaster

1 – Preferably, live outside of major metro areas in a place unlikely to be touched by a nuclear war. Use public transportation, like trains, to commute long distances to work or telecommute if you’re able.

2 – The war will come suddenly, but there will be plenty of warning signs. We’ve already come really close after Turkey shot that Russian jet down, and the situation in the Middle East continues to escalate. Keep an eye on multiple news sources and weave around their bias to study strong signs.

3 – Build a fallout shelter in your backyard of somewhere close. Stock it with emergency supplies with a long shelf life and have your survival kit and first aid kits handy.

Surviving A Global Conflict

Your First Week

1 – Hunker down in your shelter with your family and loved ones.

2 – If you dont have a shelter, get away from major population centers.

3 – Use radio or other communication devices to keep up with the state of the world as long as you can.

Your First Month

4 – If you were near a bomb strike when you took shelter, you could be holed up for years.

5 – Stay sane – play games, exercise, and keep talking with people to find some sense of normalcy.

6 – If you still dont have a shelter, begin building one or use nature to your advantage. Find a cave or other natural shelter that you can improve upon.

Thriving After a Global War Disaster

1 – 5 Years After

1 – You may still be holed up in your shelter. Use radiation testing devices to measure the conditions of the outside world.

2 – Once conditions are safe, you may wish to explore your surroundings and connect with other survivors. Be wary of radiation.

2 – Be wary of other survivors as well – charity is one thing, but you dont want to jeopardize yourself or your shelter with it.

Extreme Disaster Prepping Series

This is the 3rd installment of our Extreme Prepping Series, with the 1st installment covering Zombie Apocalypse Preparation and Survival guide and the 2nd covering Ecological Disaster Emergency Preparation.

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Stay ready, Ninjas!

This infographic was created by the clever folks at Target Sports USA

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